Training Will Never Be The Same. 

Our world is changing at a pace never seen before. We are busy people, and most of us lack the time to train like a professional endurance athlete. Athletes have exited the sport with the all to common reason - "I just don't have enough time." That's where The Frequency Formula© comes in.

Derived first out of injury prevention, and secondly out of maximizing available training time, The Frequency Formula (FF for short) is a training methodology created by Forever Endurance designed to change the way that the everyday endurance athlete trains. Forever Endurance utilizes "FF" in its coaching and consulting, and it has paid incredible dividends in athletic performance and time management.

What makes The Frequency Formula different?

  • Less training time
  • Harder hard days, easier easy days
  • Frequent Testing and Retesting
  • Adjustments on the fly, often daily, by your FE Coach
  • Short term and long term goal setting
  • Greater synchronization of your training, work, and family life

Why? (The Big Two)

  • Stress Reduction
    • Forever Endurance is big on stress management. Not just physical stress, but mental stress as well. We understand that you have a life outside of training, and we want to make sure that you have your "ducks in a row" in order to maximize your training time. The Frequency Formula has been proven to reduce mental stress, maximize available training time, and lead to happier, healthier (and faster!) athletes.
  • Injury Prevention
    • Large volumes of training combined with excessive mental/physical stress can easily lead to injury in the everyday athlete. With injury, there is no racing, no training, and no goals being achieved by the athlete. Forever Endurance places a priority on injury prevention, and "FF" allows for safe increases in training load without a large increase in injury risk.

Purpose: Happy. Healthy. Fast. Far.

We all fell in love with endurance sports for a reason. Finding a coaching group that is not only invested in your performance, but also your well-being, can make all of the hard work that much more worth it. The Frequency Formula is a "gamechanger" in modern training methodology for the everyday athlete.

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