In a race that is decided by seconds, or a season defined by an athletes ability to perform on a consistent basis, mental skills can often be the difference between success and failure. Led by Coach Grant Holicky, a graduate student of Applied Sports Psychology at Adams State University, Forever Endurance emphasizes the importance of a healthy mind in it's 1-on-1 Coaching services, but also offers dedicated Mental Skills Development services to meet your individual and team needs.

Mental Skills Development services are customized to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Examples of Customized Mental Skills Services:

Team Support

  • Clinics and workshops teaching and refining mental skills for teams and groups
  • Immersion within program to develop mental skill on a consistent, ongoing basis
  • Topics and skills covered
    • Goal attainment
      • Creation of goals
      • Refinement of path to attainment
      • Assessment of performances and season
    • Visualization
      • How and what to visualize
      • When to use it
      • How to use it to our advantage
    • Self-talk
      • How to self-talk productively
      • When to practice self-talk
    • ¬†Focus
      • Focus for training and quality practice
      • Learning to focus for competition
    • ¬†Mindfulness
      • Clearing the mind
      • Calming mind and body
      • Be right here, right now
      • Successful transition to and from training

Individual Support

  • One on One traditional mental strength services
  • On call mental strength support for athletes
  • Mental training plan development for athletes for performance preparation