One-on-One Coaching isn’t for everyone.

The next best thing is a Custom Training Plan.

Take advantage of the training and coaching philosophy athletes expect from Forever Endurance with a Custom Training Plan. Athletes that desire a Custom Training plan are often:

  • Time-crunched athletes looking to maximize their available training time
  • Looking for something more affordable than One-on-One Coaching, but expect the same quality
  • Looking for guidance, but aren’t necessarily looking for frequent data analysis and coach-athlete communication
  • Hoping to peak for a specific event in the next 12 weeks
  • Looking for an all-inclusive training plan that includes endurance training, strength training, and more

What does a Custom Training Plan Include?

  • Initial 30min Consultation
  • 12-Week Fully Custom Training Plan Delivered via TrainingPeaks
  • Mid-Plan 30min Consultation plus Plan Adjustments (if Needed)

What disciplines does Forever Endurance create Custom Training Plans for?

  • Cycling, Multisport, Running, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, and Strength. But Forever Endurance has worked with other disciplines as well!

How much does a Forever Endurance Custom Training Plan Cost?

  • $400 for MultiSport (i.e. Triathlon, Duathlon, etc.)
  • $300 for Single Sport (i.e. Cycling, Running, etc.)
  • 10% Discount if Renewed After 12 Weeks

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