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Beginning at the ripe age of 12 Dani has always been passionate about endurance sport. Running competitively through both high school and college before switching to the sport of cycling. While competing at the professional Cyclocross level from 2014 through 2019, she worked to establish and grow a separate career as well as co-founded/managed/competed within professional CX teams. Through this time she achieved professional podium finishes, World Cup participations, and a National title. Dani continues to focus on rider development through equal parts competition, personal growth, and operational management. Ensuring everyone has a role logistically and through personal representation (sponsors, etc.). Continuously operating under the notion that sport and competition can yield growth and development in other aspects of one's life.

Dani wants to ensure maturing athletes, especially women, work alongside their bodies and relative circumstances to optimize and achieve their goals. Working against a potentially destructive narrative or misconceptions of success.